Meet our Team

We are a youth and a dynamic member’s team, Who is moving forword to provide the new momentum Through the Technology to the stitching Sector.

Ayush Tanwar


Ayush Tanwar is the main person behind the silaiwala. In India, Over a hundred thousand people search for cloth alterations and about on million for a Tailor every month, But they never found a good solution for this. We have brought this platform to provide a solution for these issues.

Abhinav Sharma


Abhinav Bhardwaj, 2nd important face behind the silaiwala. We analysed this problem in stitching sector and delevering the solution for the problem. We are looking forward to organise the Un-organised sector by launching this online Platform. we hope that online stiching sector would grow in upcoming years.

Ekanshi Tanwar

Business Advisor

The Silaiwala is a good platform for the customer as well as for the unemployed women and men by The Silaiwala we enhanced the capability of the women who are not working outside or for the housewife’s who can’t leave their houses to do work.

Deepak Bagdi

CTO & Developer

Deepak looks after the IT work of The Silaiwala. He is CS Engineer. In the ero of technology we are briging stiching sector online so that users can book appointment with thier tailors and explore a vast variety of faisonable clothing design from thier nearby tailors.

Vipul Gupta

Technical Engineer

Vipul is tech support engineer of The Silaiwala. He is CSE 3rd yr student currently persuing his engineering from Lovely Professional University.
After meeting the CEO he started working with The Silaiwala, later on he joined the IT team.

Living at The Silaiwala

We have a simple team, staying with us, Share your experience & love your work. Our Team work like a family.

We are a team of passionate youth & experience that encourage their work by working together with each other in their Work- Style.

Fashion designer

The Passionate designer, who has their different point of views are welcome in The Silaiwala. The designers are motivated to do their work with their experiences and capabilities of doing work in an accurate manner. They can show their capabilities by joining us.

Fashion Designers try to design clothes, So being functional, beauties are also pleasing in nature, they think that who is likely to wear Apparel.

Designers should have the ability to make changes in consumer taste by using their experience.

Business Enthusiast

Tailor Enthusiast

The People, who are connected with social life and has positivity, will be happy to get involved with The Silaiwala. Our whole team will support you in enhancing your efficiency.

Pick-up/ Delivery Enthusiast

Our delivery partner are specified on tailoring sector. We organized those people who will be working directly with us in delevering the service.

Work with The Silaiwala

If you like to work with us then, welcome to THESILAIWALA. We are looking for people who have the desire to work with us. Our team is always ready to guide and support you. Share your CV at [email protected]
We will reach you soon