Customer Policies

In this page, we want to show that the consumers who want to use The Silaiwala service, Understand their responsibilities and use their rights in the service provided by The Silaiwala.

General policy:

Appointment policy:

Cancellation policy

Measurement policy:

Measurement plays an important role in the tailoring service:

Order Editing Policy:

After meeting with the agent sent by the The Silaiwala, if you want to changes any kind of change I your given item (E.g. – Measurement changing, Design changing, Add-on changing etc), you have the right to change with in 36hours.
Changing anything in the item you have given will have to be done online only cannot be re-meeting possible for change.


Changing page icon outside on web or homepage and open Measurement/ Changing policy in customers policy.

Pick-up policy:

By The Silaiwala it is ensured that after using the rights of consumers/ user, than pickup agent Is given to its garments. The Silaiwala will be guarantee the safety of your clothes/item/garments/fabric only after you make sure to identity the pickup agents sent by The Silaiwala.

If you do not follow this policy, then we will not be responsible for any of your things (clothes/item/garments/fabric).

Delivery policy:

Payment Policy:

The response to the payment to the consumer against the service we receive is the rule:


The customer can always register a complaint within 3 days of delivery of not satisfied with the service and shortly customer care will get in touch with the client within 24 hours of complaint being registered, if damage is caused due to sewing/stitch/service , we are liable for maximum of or 5 time of the service cost of the clothes.

Alternation Policy:

If any changes in your garments Contact Us

Safety Policy: