Business Terms and condition

Business terms & conditions

The Silaiwala Framework Letter (“Letter”) along with the Tailor/Associates Partner Terms of Use (“Terms”), represents and confirms our mutual Terms with respect to the Tailor/Associates Partner’s participation on the proprietary mobile platform currently made available by The Silaiwala Partnership deed (“THE SILAIWALA” or “us”) or its affiliates, from time-to-time, and referred to as the . Upon signing by both parties, the Letter and the silaiwala Tailor/Associates Terms of Use binding and enforceable legal contract between you and The silaiwala as of the date set forth above (“Effective Date”)

The Terms with you are as follows:

Structure of the Terms:

This letter will be included in our terms, together with Adenda (personally, a "relic") in which we agree with both the areas of cooperation (this letter and any and all such addendums collectively "Terms") Are. Regarding each residue, we will nominate those functions, responsibilities and services, which we will provide respectively. In the event of a conflict, the words included in an appendix will reverse the conflicting conditions contained in these conditions.

Intention Projects:

We agree to work with each other on good cooperation with each other (as described below) or as other projects, we agree mutually, provide tailors / associates with respect to sewing service designs. (Each, a "sewing" or "design item" via The Silaiwala web, is used under these conditions).

Each project will be further specified in a relic, and any such project will be started only when we will perform such residuals mutually.

Delivery / pickup:

The Silaiwala Platform Dashboard "Pick-up / Delivery Agents will be made available to pick / delivery agents to access on-demand self-logistics services. For clarity, neither The Silaiwala nor its affiliates provide any delivery or logistic services, but The Silaiwala`s pay for Tailors / Associates like you to join pickup / delivery agents for pickup / delivery services and receive demand prediction. Offers processing and related information services related to sewing of clothes. "Pick up / delivery" is defined as an under contractor who intends to provide on demand. Under the license of Silaiwala or his colleagues, the The Silaiwala provides delivery / delivery services using proprietary technology platform. The Silaiwala will not have any obligation to distribute items as platform providers.

For the purpose of Pickup /Delivery of stitching fabric, The Sailiwala and Pick-up / Delivery will be operated (i) Sailawala sanctioned, licensed or allowed to operate his business in tailor / associates service center and sewed the cloth (ii) In your control, as a Pickup / Delivery agent, for clarity, you are responsible for the delivery of clothes through the services provided by the delivery partners, and you control, control and care of clothes / clothes Retain, every time you will have a marketable legal right and title to present the services. You will not offer any services that are illegal, illegal, terminated and in violation of applicable laws and policies. Sewing will not be liable for any loss or damage made by users regarding the delivery of garments and you will follow the proper guidance given by you regarding delivery of garments.

The suggested search term (s) or Tailor/Associate item (s) are shown on the slip platform, which is the usual availability of clothes during normal business hours of tailor. Customers of Tailors / Associates ("Client" and / or "Silaiwala Platform User" / "User (Users)") can select design for sewing from the search term (s) / listing (s) displayed on the platform.

Availability of stitching service:

The Silaiwala provides you with appropriate advice on the prediction of the demand, which you can use in connection with your assessment of the designs and type of garments / items made available through the The Silaiwala platform. You are solely responsible for the quality, safety and distribution of garments / items and you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the preparation, provision, packaging and distribution of garments / items, You will determine any quality, parts, size, component or other criteria (including those of laws and regulations) which apply to garments / items ("criteria") and you are solely responsible for ensuring that Garments / items meet such criteria then made available through the The Silaiwala platform. In the event of failure to provide criteria. The Silaiwala is under the obligation to provide such substitution / items for stitching through the platform.

Taxes You are responsible for determining and determining the retail price ("Retail Price") for each service and from time to time inform the The Silaiwala, in which service discount (s) / any design for time off discounts Includes. You will be the "retailer" or "seller" of all service for any indirect tax (such as value added tax, service tax, goods and service tax) ("indirect taxes") and the party responsible for collection and dispatch, indirect tax To be implemented For clarity, the retail price for each service will include indirect taxes applicable. You understand that all applicable tax on service and distribution will be deposited from the official treasury within the time frame you set. Apart from expressly agreeing to these conditions, each party will be responsible for its expenditure and costs during the performance under these conditions.

Clothing as long as each garment is delivered to a user, you keep all the Garments inventory titles. You are responsible for all service costs. Whenever a user wishes to take advantage of the Garments or services identified by the dashboard, The Silaiwala will notify the associations of the specifications and details of the order that the user receives.

Upon receipt of order from the user, Associates will keep the provide any service required by the user. If the specification for the Tailors / Associates is not enough to process any order, then the Tailors/Associates should get more information as required.

Despite these conditions, The Silaiwala reserves the right to terminate the services temporarily or permanently terminate the infringement of the material or terminate it with immediate effect for noncompliance, including the following examples: (I). User complaints received by The Silaiwala, which are directly or indirectly responsible for the quality of service provided by Tailors/Associates, which are defined by The Silaiwala, with The Silaiwala or through any other means through call.

  1. Representations of the Associate Partner and violation of warranties; Or
  2. Violation of any other material in the Terms.

You are responsible for costs relating to reimbursement for users, users have either refused to pay or have claimed a partial or full refund, as applicable, for the reasons which are responsible for the tailors Are, but are not limited, there are no user expectations

In relation to the difference or user dissatisfaction, the quality of garment (s) , undelivered garment(s), textile discrepancy (s) (garments) not according to distributed garments And / or for those garments (s) for which the user requests for a replacement ("Disputed Orders") Any such user (s) request a refund for any garments (s) ( without any limitation, costs related to recovering any such garments (s) , If applicable), for reasons reasoned by The Silaiwala for its sole discretion, is considered.

  1. the request by the return users or
  2. Approval by the distribution partner of the request. The Silaiwala can deduct money from payments made under these conditions.

It is clarified that the company will not be liable to make any payment for the disputed order. The right to charge from associate associates will be protected, the amount paid to users will be given as refund till order value.

Promotional Activities:

Marketing. Through Silaiwala's various promotional activities (such as our related social media channel, website, or blog), the Silaiwala platform will demonstrate the availability of garment design, as is the mutual agreement.

Mark. Subject to the terms and conditions of this rule, each party grants to another party (and, in the case of The Silaiwala, for its affiliates), a limited, non-exclusive and during the term to use such a party Non-transferable license Related marks (as defined below), on a royalty-free basis, for the sole purpose of doing promotional activities in an applied remnant as further. For the purposes of this condition, the word "marks" will mean trademarks, service marks, business names, copyright, logos, slogans and other identifying symbols and signals of the applicable party. Signs of a party are used by the other party and such marks may be specified or approved by the owner of the format. Apart from being clearly set here, neither party will use other party marks without the other party's prior, express, written consent. All goodwill related to the use of a party's mark by the other party are ineligible for the benefit of such mark owner. Except as expressly set forth herein, no party shall be deemed to be entitled to any license or rights to any party under any intellectual property or other proprietary rights.

Publicity. Except that this condition or applicable residue can be clearly set, neither party can issue a press release nor can it refer to any other party in relation to these conditions or otherwise, Without the prior written consent of such other party.

Privacy "Personal Data" means any information obtained regarding this rule. (A) related to a recognizable or recognizable natural person. (B) That can be used appropriately for identifying or certifying any person, in which name, contact information, precise location information, is not limited to constant identifier; And(C) Any information under applicable law that can be considered as "personal data" or "personal information". The associate / tailor agrees to only use, disclose, store, maintain, or otherwise use personal data for the purpose of displaying services that consider these conditions Associate / Tailor will maintain the accuracy and integrity of any personal data provided by The Silaiwala in its rights, custody or control. Using Associated / Tailor's software and tools provided by The Silaiwala, The Silaiwala fully agrees to maintain Associated / Tailor's personal data.


Each of us acknowledges and agrees that unless we have been told in a letter / remnant, our relationship is non-exclusive.


When you go to, you are communicating with us electronically. You must provide a valid phone number when connecting with us. We can contact with you by e-mail, SMS, phone call or by posting notice on the website or any other means of communication. For contractual purposes, you agree to receive communications including SMS, e-mail or phone call in relation to your order.

Confidential Information:

"Confidential Information" means any confidential, proprietary or other non-public information ("recipient") as told by any party, ("disclosure"), whether verbally, in writing or by inspection of tangible objects. Confidential information will not include the information that

  1. Formerly the recipient was aware of the obligation of confidentiality;
  2. With the right to make such disclosure, the third party was acquired by the recipient without any obligation of confidentiality; Or
  3. is not publicly available through any mistake of the recipient. Each recipient agrees that it will not disclose any third party, or use it in any way other than necessary to meet this requirement, disclosure disclosure information. Each recipient will ensure that confidential information will be made available only to its employees and agents, Those who need to know such confidential information and who are bound to the written obligations of confidentiality, at least in terms of the security of the disclosure, such conditions, the person has access to the disclosure information of the disclosure. Each recipient shall not authorize others to remove, delete, overwrite or defuse any notice of any copyright, trademark, logo, legend or any notice of the disclosure of the confidential information of the disclosure. The foregoing prohibition on the disclosure of confidential information will not be applicable to the extent that the disclosure has authorized such disclosure, nor to the extent to disclose some confidential information of the disclosure on the basis of certain laws and regulations or order to the recipient is needed. A court, provided that the recipient gives written notice to the disclosure before disclosing such liability and helps in filing an objection before the disclosure of this kind. In accordance with the termination or termination of this condition and upon request made by the disclosure, each recipient will be disqualified (or will be lost in the election of the Disclosure) and all contents or documents with the disclosure of confidential information, whichever With copies.

The Payment :

Service tax.

For the lead generation of The Silaiwala, under demand through Demand Prediction, payment processing and other related services through the Silaiwala platform, The Silaiwala will charge a service fee from you, which is agreed under the Letter and Appendix II (indirectly Indirect) is defined under letter ("service fee"), tax on sewing service and if any). This service charge is considered to increase users' orders through the Silaiwala platform

Goods and service tax ("GST")

According to GST applicable laws, the collection by the Silaiwala from users on your behalf will be subject to tax deduction or collection on the source. Dispatch You will be sent a total of (i) Garments Payment (including any indirect taxes collected on your behalf, but less than service charges, the amount given to the Delivery Partners under your instructions and tax deduction / on the source). ii) Reduce any refund given to its customers or users.


revenues received by The Silaiwala from the user on behalf of Tailor/Partner will be settled in the partner's bank account, details of which are given in the residue. The settlement of transaction will be settled within the time limit as per the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India, where applicable The Tailor/Partner agrees to provide such documents and information necessary or as may be sought by a payment facilitator or bank to enlist the Tailor/Partner as a payee of The Silaiwala. Tailor/Partners agree that for this purpose, information provided by Tailor/Partners will be shared with the payer or bank.

Representations and warranties; Disclaimer

By this, each party represents and warrants that: (A) He has full right and authority to enter into these conditions and to fulfill his obligations; (B) It is duly organized, is legally present and under the jurisdiction of its jurisdiction is in good condition(C) It has not been entered, and will not enter during the tenure (as defined below), any conditions which will prevent it from complying or performing under this rule (in your case, without Any third party for availability of sewing service through a technology platform with any special conditions, on any border;)And (D) violation of the materials, media and other materials used as part of this condition, or otherwise violate any third party's intellectual property rights, publicity rights or other proprietary rights

  • The tailors represent further and warrants that the details of the tax registration provided by tailor and indirect tax for sewing on each service is according to the residue to make available for the service through The Silaiwala platform, these conditions Is an integral part of Tailors confirm further and declare that the information given in copies of residue and tax registration is true and correct and in the case of any change in information provided, it is taking responsibility to make Silaiwala intimate. Tailors say that all services available through The Silaiwala platform and all indirect taxes applicable to Pickup / delivery service will be deposited from the official treasury within the prescribed time limit
  • Apart from this, even according to all parties, no party responds, and even allows all warranties, express or import, support services or products or products Fulfill the conditions.


Compensation claims Every party ("indemnifying party"), against any and all claims, damages, losses and other claims, compensation, loss and protection, other party, its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents ("Indemnification Party "), will defend and hold (Collectively, "loss"): or (A) indemnification party or its affiliates or agents (in your case) of indemnification or will, in relation to any third party claim (or with reasonable attorney's fees) In relation to this, except for the TheSilaiwala and delivery partners in the performance of this condition, they are your agent to the extent that they follow Section 3) (B) No one claims that the indemnifying party has violated its representation and warranty in this condition; (c) No one claims that the marks of the Indemnifying party violate the intellectual property rights of any third party, unless such marks are used in the manner approved by the Indemnifying PartyOr (d) any violation and / or noncompliance with applicable data protection laws Apart from this, you will damage indemnification, protection and grip. Regarding the claims of any third party against any and all damages related to any and all losses in relation to any and all parties and against any third party claim arising out of the violation of your applicable service or alleged violation,Regardless of security code, rule or regulation, to the extent that such losses are caused directly due to the serious negligence or egregious misconduct of the deceased or its employees, agents or Pickup/Delivery partner.


Every indemnifying party will provide prompt information for compensation to the Indemnifying Party of any possible claim here. The indemnifying party, through its designated attorney, will protect the claim and be reasonably acceptable to the Indemnified Party,Without the written consent of the Indemnified Party, Indemnifying Party will not settle or settle any claim, which will not be improperly prohibited. The indemnifying party will cooperate with the party compensating the defendant of a claim, at the expense of the compensation party.

Term and Termination

Either The Silaiwala or Tailor Associate partner can give this 15-day prior written notice to the other, terminating this contract. On the 15th day, Silaiwala will deliver a Tailor's partner. After this, after the terms have passed, the Tailor Associate partner will only need to serve has already been kept under the control of the termination of these terms and before the expiry of the termination, and the salvage service will be entitled to receive the fee.

No Waiver

Any failure or delay by any party to use any of the rights, powers or remedies provided by the law or the law, will not work as a rebate or affect that authority, power or remedy.


The parties agree that nothing will be considered in this condition as the relationship between employer and employee, master and servant, or principal and agent, or partnership, or between parties or any joint venture of any kind Related Employee.

Governing Law

These Terms of Use will be governed and controlled in accordance with the laws of India. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the services, which the parties are unable to settle within 30 days, shall be referred to the arbitrator by the sole intermediary appointed by the two parties mutually. Arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the Arbitration and Reconciliation Act, 1996 or any of its statutory re-enacted or amendments.

The place of mediation will be Muzaffarnagar and mediation will be held in the English language. Under the foregoing, Muzaffarnagar courts will have special jurisdiction.


If any provision of these Terms of Use is invalid or unenforceable by the court of the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction, the remainder of the terms of use which can be effected without invalid provision, will be fully implemented and will remain in effect weak or invalid.


All the notices under these terms will be sent by registered post acknowledgment, contemporary courier or by email at the following address:
The Silaiwala Partnership.
Reg Office: M/S The Silaiwala, Jansath road Bhoor Khatauli, Distt- Muzaffarnagar 251201

The failure of the party for any time, at any time or for any period, or the failure of the party to use any of the alternatives, will not be considered as a rebate of such provision or option; Influence the party's authority to implement such provisions or use such option. Any amendment or amendment to this rule will be effective only if written and signed or sealed by the print name by either side. In this situation, any provision of this rule is determined to be invalid or unrecoverable on the basis of the decision of the invalid judiciary or the competent court, the balance of this rule and the remaining rules and conditions remaining here will be in full force and effect Reporting In accordance with the number and conditions of clothing picked up by pickup / delivery partners, the users will give you serial information stacked by you. The Silaiwala companion will maintain such documents for recording the evidence of the distribution of the product or the performance of the service. Without prejudice to the prevalence of prevalence, the tailor will provide regular intervals in such time and at such time and in such formats as may be specified by the company.

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