Business Guidelines

‘Stitching work is the best marketing for a tailoring shop, if you have satisfied customers you may not even need a marketing policy. They will market for you by way of good words to their friends and relatives.’

‘ It takes a lot of guts to start any business, when you bring that business on THE SILAIWALA PLATFORM to the success point nothing can beat it. If it great feeling being able to take your business to success and grow it to a level. Make the leap with faith and courage.’

Tailors Name:

The names of tailor / boutiques are how to find our users and identify locations for the sewing service and where to order.

For this to be simplicity of the customers do, Tailors/ Boutique shop listings must be as user-friendly as possible. Here are a few guidelines that must be followed for Tailors/ Boutique shop listings on TSW:

  • Tailors/Boutique's names on TSW need to be written as they appear on the board outside the Tailors/Boutique Shop.
  • Tailors/boutique taglines and installation types should not be mentioned on TSW. People usually remember the Tailors / Boutique’s shop in the name of the owner instead of any tagline, so we make it easy to find them. For example. 'Boutique Seema -' The lady's tailors' is wrong, because 'The Lady's Tailors' is a tagline, which should not be mentioned in the name. However, if the name of the store / boutique shop has been legally registered with the tagline, then we will accept it.
  • We do not add a short description of the Tailors / Boutique store in the name of tailors / boutiques on TSW. For example, if the name of your tailors / boutique shop is 'Manoj Tailors', then we can`t add it as 'MT'. This can then affect search results when a consumer searches for a tailor's/boutique's shop. If you need to add a short name or alias, then we can add them separately. If you want to add anything to us, then write to us at [email protected]

Tailors Address:

The address of a Tailors/Boutique shop is what guides stitching to the Tailors/Boutique. For this to be easy to do, Tailors/Boutique listings must be as user-friendly as possible.

Here are some guidelines for tailoring / boutique listings on the TSW :

  • The address must be in a standardized format for the ease and ease of understanding for the users. The order we follow to display the available information is: [Shop / plot number], [Opposite / Beside Landmark], [Road Number / Name], [Neighborhood], [City] .
  • We do not attempt to add more than one landmark, and do not use abbreviations such as St. (for Street), number (for number), or opposition. (For the opposite) to maintain quality and stability
  • We do not add the name of the other Tailors / Boutique shop as a destination because it affects the results while searching for the Tailors / Boutique shop
  • We add the floor number along with name of the building if the tailors/boutique shop is situated on a level above the ground floor, as users may have difficulty locating it.

Tailors Features:

This is a facility that is looking for a stitching service when they are worried about where to get the garments stitches is made from and save precious time.

Some of the most popular are below:

  • The Good kinds of tools is used for Tailors/Boutique shop that use only a good one stitching machine & tools (i.e. Thread, Zipper, Buttons, Needle, Scissors etc). To add ‘Designs’ on Your Dashboard (Tailors/Boutique), please write to [email protected], and we’ll add those specific tags

Business Hours:

Business hours represent the operational hours of a Tailors/Boutique’s Shop, so consumers can plan their visits.

Working hours depend on the tailors but they have to increase their work. It's your responsibility to complete the orders gives us by the company on time when to, whose brief users details will be given by you in advance.


The photo stream of a tailors/ Boutique's design gives stitching an idea about to expect at in terms of ambiance, service, and sewing in these stitching sector.

A complete set on the Tailors / Boutique dashboard page, and the design of the fabric gives Photo-shots a good sewing service and all the information needed to make the decision. There are some things to remember when uploading a Photo for Tailor / Boutique shop:

  • We only put relevant photos that display the design of Tailor / Boutique clothes. This is because the users looking through the images want to know the factors that can affect their experience on the tailors / Boutiques - mainly the environment and clothing-design.
  • We currently only support .JPEG and .PNG file formats for photo uploads
  • We do not put up ambiance/food shots that are stock images, or taken from Google Images/other websites, as that would be copyright infringement
  • There can be only one photo in a single frame. We try not to upload photo collages because they do not always show a clear picture.
  • We do not use images where people and social media handle an important part of the image. We are a natural platform, and we do not want to see that we are promoting any tailor / boutique’s shop on our platform.
  • Front shots Photos from the outer part of the tailors / boutiques, usually including signatures and entrances.
  • The Atmosphere shots are photos of interior parts of tailor shop providing information about design and sewing services to users
  • Designer Shots are pictures of sewing clothes by that designer tailors.

Design Category

Stitching clothes rely extensively upon the design of THE SILAIWALA. When deciding on where to Stitching clothes or what to book an appointment and to know how much it might stitching prices according to the select design.

This is one of the primary deciding factors in a decision on which user's to book an appointment favorite tailors to. We maintain some important criteria for stitching clothes' Design Category, based largely on user's feedback:

  • The maximum size we can upload for the stitching design category is 2MB. The size helps maintain uniformity and provides an optimal viewing experience on the website.
  • We try to keep only the relevant text portion of the stitching design category is on the page and do away with any surrounding graphics on the design category.
  • We maintain the highest design quality and put up a very clear design. Clarity includes many criteria – pages with proper alignment, appropriate lighting, contrast, and legibility of text on the page are a few.
  • If a design required has major editing, we try our best to give the highest quality data to our users. However, if we are unable to do so, we will need to remove it. A couple of major issues are flash/glare appearing on the page, blurry images, etc. We’ll need you to resend the design if we can’t edit it.
  • We maintain a certain order for the design category, similar to the way a user would see through clothes stitch design: [blouse/padded blouse] --- [Shirts/Man shirts/Formal-shirts] --- [Stitch all design] --- [Half sleeve/Full sleeve], etc.
  • We can retain the order of pages if that is how the tailor's shop would like users to see it.
  • Promotional designs and other Special designs are not to be uploaded as regular by tailor dash-board design as they may not be part of the tailor’s shop year-long design. All promotional and special designs will also be subject to the above guidelines.
  • We avoid putting up designs without prices as it affects a user's decision. The design must include the names of design and prices, as this helps users get an idea of how much they will spend at the tailor's design.

Cover pictures :-

Cover Pictures are meant to visually enhance the page, as well as convey information about the establishment.

Because of their importance, we have a few specific guidelines:

  • Stock images aren’t allowed, so please choose Stitch design and ambiance images that depict your tailor's shop.
  • The cover pictures need to be visually appealing.
  • The cover pictures should have high resolution (images with 1200x500 pixels or greater in resolution).
  • Photos of raw ingredients are not allowed unless that is the garment is stitch by you.
  • Please do not add a superimposed logo & any other brand clothes picture to the cover pictures. However, in-content branding, such as logos on boxes, walls, crockery, etc is allowed.
  • Horizontal photos are preferred, as they would be far better suited to the page layout. While vertical photos are allowed, the focal elements of the image may be lost when it is cropped to the required dimensions.
  • Shop name, websites, phone numbers, and other text should not be superimposed on the cover pictures.

For any assistance with your tailor shop dashboard or page, please write to us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.