The Silaiwala

World's first online tailoring chain

Our Goal is to provide good services & Save the valuable time of our customer

The Silaiwala Is india,s door to door tailoring services provider recognized by indian government. These services are firstly provided by the silaiwala, no other companies are providing these similar services.

We are trying to achieve new goal by adding the tailors from all over india with us. We are working for making good services relationship between the customers and tailor. Now the silaiwala is here to provide you better services at reasonable prices.


The silaiwala offers a Nice and best sewing quality along with its good services


TSW we keep the customer’s tailoring cost according to its budget, so there is no other company in the market like this


we solve the problem of stitching in a few easy ways, keeping your precious time in mind and connecting the tailoring sector through technology

Our goal is to provide best stitching service

Changing how you wear

Delivering best stitching quality

We are commited to deliver the best stitching quality service to our customers that are not only durable but also optimally priced. We work round the clock to ensure that the highest quality of thread is being used, along with the passionate of requisite standard, leaving no room for error.

Boosting accessibility for customers

Our delivery service is reaching more and more localities. We are actively trying to grow our service - doorstep fashion designer for custom tailoring and continuing to design a dress wear by every indian.

Affordable and user friendly

Our appoach is demand driven and citizen led, emphosizes the sustainable use of safe, affordable and user friendly sewing facilities.

Who are we?

The Silaiwala is world's first online stitching service provider. The company is establised in february 2019. Main aim of the company is to provide best stitching service and save valuable time of people. On this portal users can search their favorite clothing design and book an appointment with thier favorite taiors online. We have 200+ registered professional tailors on our portal.

Why only The Silaiwala

The Silaiwala is world's first online stitching service provider where users can book appointment with thier favourite tailors.

Save Time

We do care about you that's why we are here for you. We provide fast service. By using our service you can save your valuable time.

Vast Variety

There are a lot of variety on our platform. You can search your your desired design on our platform and book appointment with any tailor.

Professional Tailors

We have 200+ porfessional and experienced taiolors on our platform so that you get your desired stitching service at low cost

Our Culture

Culture is an important as your business strategy because it either strengthens positive culture is significant specially because
IT attract talent

The tailors and employees evaluate our organization and its climate. A strong, positive, clearly defined and well communicated culture attracts talent that fits.

IT drives engagement and retention

THE SILAIWALA’S culture impacts how employees or failure intract with their work.

IT impact happiness and satisfaction

Research show that employee happiness and satisfaction are listed to strong work place culture .

IT Effect Performance

By the culture of THE SILAIWALA’s employee Show their talent and enhance their performance.


The Silaiwala follower the leadership, that is the ability to influence the behavior of others to-words the attemment of common goals.
The Silaiwala,s leader is to organize the followers in to a group to handle the task efficiently.


The Silaiwala is managed via its systems, Precious, Structure, Hierarchy, Controls and Goals. The Degree to which managers empower employees to make decision, support and intract with them and act consistently .

Workplace Practices

The Silaiwala includes practices related to Recruiting, Selection, On-baording, Compensation and Benefits, Rewards and recognition, Training and development, Advancements/Promotion, Performance management, Wellness and work/life balance( Paid time off, leave, etc), as well as Workplace traditions.

Policies & Philosophies

The Silaiwala follow the policies including attendance, dress-code, code of conduct and Shedual in addition to philosophies such as hiring compensation try for Performance and internal transfer and promotion.

Mission, Vision & Values

The silaiwala works on the cleaurity of its mission, vision & values and weithers they honestly reflact the believe and philosophies of the company , How inspiring they are to silaiwala’s employees and the extent to which the mission vision, & value are stable, widely communicated and consistently emphasized.

Work Environment:

The silaiwala offers a healthy and fruitful environment for its employees by which the employees can do their work easily with the help of all facilities provided to them. These work environments makes the employees more efficient and happier.


The Silaiwala’s followers a good manner of communication . The degree type and frequency of intractions and communications between leaders and employees including the extend of transparancy in-sharing information and making decisions.